Raspberry Coconut Sherbet

There are some flavors I just go wild for and raspberry is one of them.  I made this on a whim one night after making something I nicknamed Heart Attack Bars (butter, chocolate, sugar and sweet condensed milk).  I took raspberries frozen from last summer, a bit of sugar (not much was needed because the berries were sweet – that peak of the summer sunshine captured in juicy little packets) and decided to add coconut cream to make a simple sherbet.  I wasn’t sure how the coconut cream wasn’t going to mix but the resulting product was subtle on the coconut and in-your-face with the raspberry.  For me, it is a complete embodiment of a raspberry sherbet I had in Newport when I was seven or so from a small Italian gelato cart.  I’ve been looking for that raspberry taste ever since.  In this, I’ve found it.

After I made this sherbet and then proceeded to lick the entire ice cream maker clean (with the help of a spatula – otherwise we would have had A Christmas Story on the playground moment), I seriously contemplated hiding all evidence that I had made it.  I would clean up everything, wash all traces of raspberry away and squirrel the finished sherbet down into our deep freeze in an opaque container to be pulled out only when alone.

I ended up being not selfish and sharing it with my husband, my older sister, my niece and my mother.  Though truthfully, I did eat most of it myself.

Raspberry Coconut Sherbet

4 cups ripe raspberries (defrosted if frozen)
1/2 cup sugar (add more if your raspberries are on the tart side or lack flavour)
2 cups coconut cream

Puree the raspberries and sugar in a blender or food processor.  Strain to get the seeds out.  This should produce about 2 cups raspberry sauce.  You might need more raspberries depending on the size.  I used delicious huge raspberries we froze after picking last summer.  Combine the coconut cream in and stir.  Immediately put in your ice cream maker and freeze.

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2 Responses to Raspberry Coconut Sherbet

  1. Mmmmm, sounds yum! Like a Weiss bar!

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