Whoopie Pies

There have been a few baking fails lately.  I made some strawberry cheesecake bars which while tasty, look pathetic and don’t maximize the strawberry flavor.  Earlier, I made some truffles and used butter in addition to the cream and chocolate.  These would be fine except that I put them in candy molds and found out they were impossible to pull out in one piece.

There is one thing recently though that I was inordinately proud of making.  For a work potluck celebrating LGBTQ month,  I decided to make whoopie pies.  Rainbow filling whoopie pies.

I found a recipe online and altered it ever so slightly by using double dutch dark cocoa powder.  I’ve been waiting for the moment to pull out this goody that I received as a birthday present.  This cocoa powder basically creates that deep, black and rich chocolate color in baked goods – think the chocolate cookie on commercial ice cream bar cookies.  The chocolate flavor is very satisfying as well.

As for fillings, I scratched the usual marshmallow cream and went with cream cheese frosting as the filling.  I have to admit, I don’t use a recipe for cream cheese frosting.  I take 8 oz cream cheese, sometimes 1/4 cup of butter if I’m feeling saucy and powdered sugar.  I’ve found most cream cheese recipes call for obscene amounts of powdered sugar but I dump it in 1/2 cups and beat until it holds together well enough and is sweet but preserves that cream cheese tang.  My throat should not burn when I eat it.  All in all, it’s probably 2 cups (half the normal).  I then separated it out and added the flavorings:

Pink – Raspberry (juice from defrosted raspberries, sugar and cornstarch into a gel – no food coloring needed)
Orange – Citrus vanilla with a few drops food coloring (flavoring is an extract from King Arthur’s Flour called Fiori di Sicilia)
Yellow – Vanilla with a drop of yellow food coloring(vanilla extract and the scrapings of half a vanilla bean)
Green – Mint with a drop of green food coloring (peppermint extract)

I used the recipe from here:Whoopie Pies on Epicurious .  The only changes were that I used the double dutch dark cocoa powder and that I never, ever have butter milk in my house so I put 1 Tb white vinegar in my liquid measuring cup and then poured in the required cup of milk.  Voila’!  Buttermilk enough.

Whoopie pies satisfy the same pleasure space as cupcakes.  Individualized, cakey, frosting and decadence.

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